Please contact us if,

you have an idea and wish to turn that into business

you are looking to establish a company to do business

you are looking to expand your business abroad and you wish to assess the potential

you are looking for investment ideas and would like to scout start ups

you wish to design a business strategy and target potential partners

you are overloaded and you need managerial and operational support to manage peaks of work

you wish to optimise and enhance your business processes

you wish to prepare your company to the fundraising

you wish to have some out of the box views on how you manage your business

you wish to reduce your expenses related to accounting and financial costs

you wish to launch a new product and need to plan that

you wish to assess the risks of your business
you are curious about cryptocurrencies and would like to know more


Our presence in London and Milan can offer to you:
- assessment of the business ideas
- preparation of the business plan
- market researches
- financial and accounting support
- project and business management consulting
- business strategy implementation


Angel Idea operates in partnership with Studio Consilia (, in London and Milan
Thanks to its team and collaborators Angel Idea can deliver the best service to its clients. Angel Idea relies on the entreprenurial, business, managerial and investment experience of its professionals in order to advise clients adopting a multidisciplinary approach.